About Us

The Baby and Beyond team consists of eight paediatricians trained and qualified from various local and international universities. We are professionals who would like children and their families to suffer less in every possible way, and to come out of consultations with hope, a plan of management and a realistic chance of substantial improvement in their wellbeing. 


We are spouses and parents of one to three children ourselves, and these relationships have expanded our understanding of what it takes to be a parent. We share with you the joy and frustration in trying to do the best for your child.  

Sometimes, the assistance required to bring up a healthy happy child is not just restricted to medical services. Some children may need further support in developing their armourment of basic life skills. We are able to assess a child who may be slow in acquiring skills and coordinate the multidisciplinary therapies the child may need.

It is safe to say that you will benefit from eight doctors of different personalities but with one vision in mind and that is to provide a one-stop holistic paediatric care for the families who come to us. 


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